Investments on the following major developments and operations at Spaceport Malaysia project are welcomed  
Spaceport Malaysia is a center of commercial
spaceflight for research, education & space tourism.
Spaceflight Terminal is to be constructed on the
balanced 20 acres of land at Spaceport Malaysia.
This terminal, as its name implies, will manage all the parabolic & suborbital flights at Spaceport Malaysia. The terminal will also be equipped with a visitor center where there will be a museum, a space themed park & a shopping mall.

Spaceflight Mall is the shopping mall that also functions as the spaceflight terminal. The mall will house retail outlets for exclusive branded products of fashions and lifestyles and also specific products for spaceflight. To serve as spaceflight terminal, the mall will house hangars for space vehicles, where visitors will be able to view the vehicles through glass walls, which will be a unique attraction for the mall. The investor may build the mall and later, sell or lease the retail outlets and/or manage the operation of the mall.


A comprehensive 16 acres of Space University Campus complete with Administration office, Academic Blocks, Library and Space Laboratories to house Space researchers to do their testing and analysis in relation to Space. 

University of Zurich, Switzerland and Local University will collaborate in research and to become the key academic players in this university.



An exclusive squardron of jet-powered airplanes that will provide zero gravity flight services to passengers and experimental payloads will be operational at the spaceport. The airplanes will range from demilitarized combat jets to business jets with significant zero gravity flight capability. This squardron will also operate as the aerobatic squardron and executive transport squardron for the spaceport operation. The investor may purchase the airplanes for the squardron and own & commercially operate the squardron.


There will be suborbital flight operators providing suborbital rides to astronauts, space tourists, space researchers and scientific payloads. The investor may become a suborbital flight operator or the exclusive agent of an international suborbital flight operator.


Spaceport Malaysia is associated to a couple of suborbital spaceplane developments. These developments will finally produce suborbital spaceplanes that will take astronauts, space tourists, space researchers and scientific payloads to space. The investor may purchase the suborbital spaceplane development program, complete the development of the spaceplane and own and commercially operate the spaceplane.



A unique center that offer Space Activities like Space Camp, Space education Workshops, 360 degree DDT (Digital Dome Theater) that is floating in the air, Space Flight Gallery which will exhibit the flight carriers that take public in the past and current to Space/Orbit/ISS.

The hall of fame will be the exclusive gallery to Spaceport Malaysia and will be equipped with the official Spaceport Malaysia retail outlet, a Cube Creative digital 3 dimensional theater, a SkySkan digital planetarium and astronomical observatory. The investor may build and commercially operate the hall of fame.




“Kosmos” is A Greek word.
The concept of Kosmosarium comes from the combination of usage of the building to house Science Center, Planetarium in relation to Cosmos and the order of Universe.

This building offer space activities, simulation for moon or other planets experience and space/science exhibition. It also equipped with Space Cafeteria (dining in Space Environment) and Digital Telescope.


A Unique residential unit which has the Moon-living related concept. Living in the actual moon exposes to extreme weather and have a “cocoon’ protective shell. When interpreting of Villa Luna to be built in Earth, the design concept require the Villa to be partly in the earth (sunken) and covered with Green.

Green design and Eco-design will be the salient features in Villa Luna. There will be an active and passive green system in the design. The aim is to be GBI (Green Building Index) certified and ESA (European Space Agency) Certified.



A center that promote Islamic Astronomical or Falak activities. Islamic influence and studies has long been a major strength in Islamic world. Since Malaysia is an Islamic country, the setting up the Falak center should boost the Islamic research and studies in this region.




Space theme park is a theme park designed and equipped with space travel themed rides including space travel simulators and coasters. The investor may build and operate the theme park.


Space resort will be a 6 star resort that will accommodate astronauts, space tourists, space scientists, space researchers, space enthusiasts and general visitors. The resort will be the official venue for international high profile space conferences and meetings. The investor may build and operate the resort.





Visitor transit center (VTC) is a facility for visitors driving non-electric or non-hybrid (petrol-powered or diesel-powered) vehicles to securely park their vehicles and they and the passengers of their vehicles may walk or take electric public transportation to various locations within the spaceport. This transit center will also be equipped with convenient stores and a rest area. The investor may build the transit center and later, sell or lease the facility and/or manage the operation of the facility




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Concept VILLA LUNA @ Spaceport Mlaysia
Villa Luna is a housing project with the application of Lunar (Moon) Architecture and Lunar Science. Link
SOLVES (Suborbital Low Cost & Low Risk Vehicle to the Edge of Space
is a planned Malaysian-Italian-Korean
suborbital vehicle development more
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