Ascender designed by David Ashford of Bristol Spaceplanes Ltd was the original reference in the creation of the Malaysian local suborbital spaceplane program and the understanding of the significance and potential of space tourism industry which had led to the emergence of Spaceport Malaysia project. 


Bristol Spaceplanes, an industry leader in spaceplane design, was founded in 1991 to realise low-cost access to space by exploiting the three decades' experience of its founders.

Our clients include ESA, and our work has been used to further NASA studies on reusable launch vehicles and space tourism. Bristol Spaceplanes' designs have been the subject of feasibility studies from ESA and the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

  We have evolved a step-by-step development strategy leading to orbital spaceflight, starting with the single-stage and fully reusable Ascender sub-orbital spaceplane. During your Ascender flight, you will experience weightlessness, see the Earth below you, and bright stars against a black sky: a truly transforming experience.  

Ascender is a small sub-orbital spaceplane designed to use existing technology and to pave the way for later vehicles on our development sequence. Ascender is specifically designed to generate spaceplane revenues at minimum development cost and risk, and thereby to be attractive to private-sector investment. 

Ascender carries one pilot and one passenger or experiment. The passenger remains strapped in his/her seat during the flight. Ascender takes off from an ordinary airfield using its turbo-fan engine and climbs at subsonic speed to a height of 8 km. The pilot then starts the rocket engine and pulls up into a steep climb. Ascender has a maximum speed of around Mach 3 on a steep climb and can reach a height of 100 km. Link

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