The Directors shall at all times, act within the Malaysia Law in the best interests of the Space Tourism Society Malaysia Chapter (STS-MC) and will:

  • act for the best interest in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations to the STS-MC;
  • act honestly, ethically, integrity and transparently;
  • conduct professionally, courteously and respectfully in manner and not take improper advantage of their position;
  • act in good faith, responsibly, with due care and diligence, without allowing their independent judgment to be subordinated;
  • use their prudent judgment to prevent from all situations, decisions which give or may give rise to conflict of interest or potential conflict with their responsibilities within the STS-MC, and to inform the Management, at the earliest opportunity, of any existing or potential conflict of interest situation;
  • act to maintain and improve STS-MC’s reputation; and
  • always strive to contribute towards the growth and stability of the STS-MC.

In breach of the Code by Directors, the Management is to take necessary action to ratify on the non - compliance by Directors.



is an approved chapter for Malaysia by Space Tourism Society, California, United States of America.

STS-MC only act as TECHNICAL ADVISER to any company/organization who wish to conduct zero gravity flights in Malaysia because such activity promotes space tourism.

Any third party company who receives assistance from STS-MC are strictly limited to advice or services on technical matters only. STS-MC are not involved in any of their financial aspect or financial matters.

Should you have any inquiries, kindly contact any respective Malaysia Regulators.
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Concept VILLA LUNA @ Spaceport Mlaysia
Villa Luna is a housing project with the application of Lunar (Moon) Architecture and Lunar Science. Link
SOLVES (Suborbital Low Cost & Low Risk Vehicle to the Edge of Space
is a planned Malaysian-Italian-Korean
suborbital vehicle development more
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  • Malaysia First Parabolic Flight 2016
    April 28, 2016 -April 30, 2016
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