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CUBE CREATIVE - France, Paris

Paris-based Cube Creative Computer Company is a production of 2D and 3D animation and digital special effects. Founded in 2002 by three partners, Lionel Fages, Majid Loukil and Bruno Le Lever, Cube was immediately placed on the market of commercial and "large format" projects for the large amusement parks and international scientific symposiums and seminars.

Cube also developed an intense activity with young filmmakers from the best animation schools by allowing them to make their first short films or video clips, for example the film "Jean-Francois" directed by Tom & Bruno, award-winning Annecy 2010 and nominated in the race of the Caesars animation 2012.

   CUBE CREATIVE - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cube Creative Malaysia was establish in Paris, France on 19th October 2011 by Norul Rafidi Zakaria and registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2nd November 2011. He is the President and CEO of Cube Creative Malaysia. List of the board of another directors, as Chairman of Cube, Ybhg. Dato’ Noorhisham Ishak and Norul Rizal Zakaria as the Executive Director.

Cube is currently developing a space tourism-oriented animation, Re-Entry Animated. Creative work of Prof. Patrick Collins, which will show the future of space travel to the world. (Who's who Patrick Collins)


With Lionel, Fages and Pierre-Gilles Stehr of Cube Creative, France.
  Drive for Sucess
  CUBE CREATIVE & Space Tourism Society (STS)

Space Tourism is the inspiration of STS. “Re-Entry” program through STS-MC would be the platform for Malaysians to know and “experience” what Space Tourism is all about. Maybe not in a so very near future, but given all the probability and possibility, this program could and would be realized. And Cube is very proud to be the catalyst and platform to introduce the idea here, in Malaysia, and through out the world.

There is an opportunity for everyone to be there in the space, sure reality not only just false hope.. in a little while.


Cube also gain a cooperation with R2D1 and as the main distributor for IMAX markets throughout Europe. Dominique Regaud, expressed interest in marketing this product for the European market and also the worldwide market where R2D1 could be associated with.

Dominique Regaud is also the President of UP 3D (United Professionals of Strereoscopic 3D) and will use his vast connection with various associations that fully support annimation industry.

With Dominique Regaud, the President of UP3D,France.
  Newspaper cutting  
NST - Life & Times
A fascination with space fiction sees one man bent on a mission to produce his own space animated movie, writes

NORUL Rafidi Zakaria is a very busy man these days. When met at his movie and multimedia production house Cube Creative fr. in Shah Alam, the 34-year-old multimedia designer was putting finishing touches to his pet project, Re-Entry, which he claims will be first space animation movie made locally.

英國經濟學家帕特裡克柯林斯博士,現為日本麻布大學(Azabu University)環境政策教授,早在25年前開始致力于關于太空商業利用的研究, 從黑髮到滿頭華髮。作為世界太空旅遊先驅的他,憑著“堅定、積極、樂觀”的態度,積極推動人們半信半疑的太空旅遊夢想! view more...

週末架勢堂: 太平之子 鵬飛天外天
不管是在刺激、加速太空旅游業步伐,還是讓群眾先從電影熱身,未來真要升空才能駕輕就熟,都在在起了推波助瀾作用! v
view more...

  Animasi anak Malaysia di pentas dunia
Komik tersebut merupakan hasil ciptaan Profesor Dr. Patrick Collin yang juga merupakan pensyarah ekonomi dan sumber tenaga angkasa lepas di Universiti Azabu, Jepun di samping perunding untuk JAXA. view more...

Pakar Jepun yakin kebolehan anak tempatan
Keyakinannya terhadap kemampuan anak tempatan membuatkan penulis komik pengembaraan angkasa dari Jepun, Prof. Dr. Patrick Collin sudi berkongsi kajian luar biasanya untuk dijadikan filem animasi.. view more...

Hukum fizik dalam animasi teknologi
PELANCONGAN angkasa lepas mungkin sesuatu yang asing kepada kebanyakan orang. Namun, bagi segelintir individu, mereka melihat perkara tersebut sebagai sebuah peluang dan prospek untuk dimajukan. Antara insan yang menaruh kepercayaan kepada bidang itu ialah seorang profesor dari Jabatan Sains Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan Hayat, Universiti Azabu, Jepun, Patrick Collins.. view more...

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