Saturn SMS, a renowned consulting agency in aerospace safety provides the safety consultancy service to the planning and design of Spaceport Malaysia, and will continue to do so in the development and operation of the spaceport.  

Saturn SMS was formed in February 2006 by Andy Quinn with the prime purpose of providing safety expertise in both the commercial & military aviation domain and also in the emerging commercial/private spaceflight industry.

Saturn SMS has already provided safety services to the commercial & military aviation domain including Safety Assessments at organisational level, aircraft project team safety status (Gap Analysis) and of specific Safety Criteria. We have also produced Safety Case Reports on Simulators and Aerial Delivery Equipment and undertaken Hazard Log strategy formation and implementation thereof for an aircraft Design Organisation on behalf of a project team. Combining previous military operational experience with safety expertise, Saturn SMS has also been involved with the relatively new approach of Operating/Operational Safety Cases (OSCs).

  Saturn SMS is actively involved with operators and stakeholders in commerical and military projects, offering safety consulation on a variety of projects. Saturn SMS is also an active participant in the emerging commerical/private spaceflight industry (i.e. “Space Tourism”), chiefly focussing on the successful implementation of sound safety systems by Design Organisations and Operators; Andy is now actively engaged with the UK Space Agency and UK CAA working group for certification approaches to Suborbital Orbital Aircraft (SOA)

Andy is also the Chair of the Suborbital Space Safety Technical Committee for the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) - Read more...
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Concept VILLA LUNA @ Spaceport Mlaysia
Villa Luna is a housing project with the application of Lunar (Moon) Architecture and Lunar Science. Link
SOLVES (Suborbital Low Cost & Low Risk Vehicle to the Edge of Space
is a planned Malaysian-Italian-Korean
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