Swiss Propulsion Laboratory 

Swiss Propulsion Laboratory (SPL) is the designer and developer of rocket propulsion system and strategically involves in the design and development of Black Sky and Enterprise rocketplanes and the operation of Spaceport Malaysia and also the malaysian local suborbital spaceplane program. Recently SPL had successfully developed and tested a 100kN thrust rocket propulsion.

Involving external facilties and inviting other organizations to participate allows SPL to achieve its objectives. The components will be developped in a joint effort of SPL, interested universities, graduate schools and Switzerlands precision industry. SPL will provide the required co-ordination of all involved parties, for example by extracting and forwarding precisely defined technical problems to educational institutions, thereby enabling them to effectively take part in space-technology oriented "applied science".


The Space Tourism Society Malaysia Chapter (STS-MC), Swiss Propulsion Laboratory and Project Enterprise has signed the Certificate of Cooperation at Langenthal, Switzerland on 9 May 2009, to cooperate in the development of rocketplane prototypes for M-R2D2 (Malaysian Research for Rocketplane Design & Development) program for the purpose of space tourism and scientific research.

Click the link for the press release from the Swiss Propulsion Lab (in German).  SPL_medienmitteilung_3_2009-04-24.pdf


Left to Right: Amman (CEO of SPL), Jalal (CEO of STS-MC), Norul (President of STS-MC) and Peer (CEO of PE) exhibiting  the certificates of cooperation.
Peer Gehrmann, CEO of Project Enterprise, shows photos of the remote controlled model of the “BlackSky” rocket model.
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