Spaceport Malaysia is now officially involved in development of OpenStratosphere, VEGA and IXV. Attached is a diagrams of the programmes.  
Intermediate Experimental Vehicle (IXV)
View the latest pictures of ESA's reentry mission lasting 100 minutes. IXV will test in flight the lastest technologies and critical systems for future space exploration - link
We are an independent pure play company that conceives, builds and operates regional fleets of stratospheric drones with the highest quality and safety. - link
Vega is designed to cope with a wide range of missions and payload configurations in order to respond to different market opportunities. - link

Welcome to Asia Pacific's Premier Maritime & Aerospace Showcase

Commanding results since 1991, LIMA is one of the most influential shows within the maritime and aerospace industries.

A significant gateway to the heart of the world's most dynamic market region, LIMA brings top decision makers—from senior Government officials to military and civil industry leaders—together with prominent manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe, in creating the ideal platform where partnerships are forged and business opportunities seized.

Its insightful roundtables, conferences and dedicated business programmes; combined with trademark air shows and maritime demonstrations makes LIMA a truly comprehensive affair; an event that certainly has a priority on every industry player's calendar. link

The Italian Space Agency was founded in 1988. Its purpose was to coordinate all of Italy's efforts and investments in the space sector that had begun in the 1960s.

Within over twenty years' time, ASI became one of the most significant players in the world in space science, satellite technologies and the development of mobile systems for exploring the Universe. Today, ASI has a key role at the European level where Italy is the third contributor country to the European Space Agency. It also is involved at the international level. For example, ASI has a close working relationship with NASA, which has led to its participation in many of the most interesting scientific missions of recent years. One of the most fascinating projects has been the construction and activities of the International Space Station where Italian astronauts are by now at home. visit link
  New Techonolgy Partners  
ALTEC- Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company
is the Italian center of excellence for the
provision of engineering and logistics services to support operations and
utilization of the International Space Station and the development and implementation
of planetary exploration missions. Link

is a world-leading provider of onboard and ground systems for the civil aerospace market. The company’s Aerospace activities employ 13,000 people,
who are helping to define tomorrow's air transport solutions: cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft designed to fly safely in ever-more crowded skies. Link
Virgin Galactic Unveils New SpaceShipTwo 'Unity' for Space Tourists
Virgin Galactic rolled out the second-ever SpaceShipTwo today (Feb. 19) here at the Mojave Air & Space Port, a facility that lies in the shadow of desert mountains about 90 miles (150 kilometers) north of Los Angeles. The unveiling ceremony featured blaring music, deep blue lighting, cocktails and the company's founder, Sir Richard Branson, riding atop the SUV that towed the vehicle into view. The voice of famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking boomed over a loudspeaker and revealed the brand-new suborbital commercial vehicle's name — VSS (for Virgin Spaceship) Unity. link
  Malaysian Government Agencies Supported  
The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia.
MIDA assists companies which intend to invest in the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by MIDA include providing information on the opportunities for investments, as well as facilitating companies which are looking for joint venture partners. visit link
MIDA MILAN - visit link
MATRADE’s mission to promote Malaysia’s export has enabled many local companies to carve new frontiers in global markets. Today as we continue to put the spotlight on capable Malaysian companies on the international stage, we are helping make the phrase ‘Made-In-Malaysia’ synonymous with excellence, reliability and trustworthiness. visit link
MATRADE MILAN - visit link
The Ministry was first established in 1973 as the Ministry of Technology, Research and Local Government. In 1976, in line with new functions and responsibilities pertaining to environmental matters, the Ministry then changed its name to Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE). On 27th March 2004, the Cabinet agreed to the restructuring of MOSTE and the name was changed to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in order to lead the National ICT Development function, Multimedia and Innovation. In 2007,  the science and technology function was divided into Biotechnology, ICT, Industry, Sea to Space and S&T Services clusters. visit link
  The Future is here...  

is a health care institution providing treatment with specialized in life science questions with regard to aviation and space life. 

It focuses in research particularly in the major health care facility in its region, medicine and psychology of aviation and space life directly or indirectly involved and center for Medical Resort. Visit link

  News Archive  

Such achievements by the country has positioned Malaysia as a pioneer and front-runner in space venturesin the South East Asia region, more...
  The Certificate of Collaboration
between Spaceport Malaysia &
Spaceport Puerto Rico signed on
15 April 2014 at Department of
State of Puerto Rico, San Juan,
Puerto Rico, witnessed by the Deputy
Secretary of the Department & MATRADE New York Trade Commissioner. view large image
  The Projects  

Leaders of space travel

The location of

Concept VILLA LUNA @ Spaceport Mlaysia
Villa Luna is a housing project with the application of Lunar (Moon) Architecture and Lunar Science. Link
SOLVES (Suborbital Low Cost & Low Risk Vehicle to the Edge of Space
) is a planned Malaysian-Italian-Korean suborbital vehicle development program...read more

Aerocosmos Spacejet will have dual capability: Suborbital Flight & Conventional jet flight, but both will come with VTOL capability.

For suborbital flight, the centerline rear of the spacejet will be occupied by a liquid rocket engine, while for conventional jet flight, the centerline rear of the spacejet will be occupied by an extra jet fuel tank. The VTOL capability of the spacejet will provide a lift thrust that will enable the spacejet to be lifted vertically up to 20m, before the horizontal thrust take over the flight.
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